Ikebana (living flowers) is the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

In my whole adult life I have always been involved with Art. I started in Interior Design and carried on to Fine Arts at college in Australia, finishing with a Career in Fashion, Jewellery Design and merchandising, in Australia and South East Asia. It was very much later, we moved from Singapore to the Sultanate of Oman. There, I was first introduced to Ikebana by the Japanese Ambassador's wife. I have never looked back and have become a devoted teacher and demonstrator in Ikebana of the Sogetsu School.

Sogetsu school was foundered by Sofu Teshigahara in 1926. He was an Artist, Philosopher, Sculptor and Garden Designer. He had the foresight to see how Ikebana can be encouraged, developed and moved with the modern world. He combines the old Styles and techniques with his New movements towards the Modern Art with Plant material.

Ikebana has given me the chance to explore my Inner self, cultivating the awareness and appreciation of nature which has given me much enjoyment of what is around us. Now that I have been teaching for some years, I love the process and get great satisfaction from the results of my students. With Ikebana one does not stop learning and I still attend workshops with great masters.

My Teacher's Grade is --- First Grade, Somu.

I am a member and on the Board of London Sogetsu Branch and Ikebana International, London chapter.

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